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Monday, November 29, 2004

helloo!! haha!! heyox ppeople! i've got myself a new blog!. so dun need come here anymore yarh? haha my new blog is http://glitterubbish.blogspot.com ... haha! please support yar? and haha! tag my board there!! i dun tink i will be coming here anymore! haha! so ! go there lorh!

ah seah at Monday, November 29, 2004

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

2/2'03 chalet
haha!!came back from 2/2'03 chalet this morning (or afternoon).! it was quite fun loh. but sometimes abit boring!! ohmy!!! stupid ESCAPE and WILDWILDWET closed on TUESDAY together!... make us bored til death! went tanning in the end. ! stupid escape. letme waste saliva to persuade the people to go to it. inthe end, from 2 people wanted to go to 5 people goin! then we walked there. then it is CLOSED? damn it larh. how can it be closed! so everybodie becareful!!! MON-FRI closed except school holidays and public holidays!damn it!!!! ass!!! ....dun feel like talking much bout it!

ah seah at Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

new gift for me
haha. my parents decided to reward me with a brand new mp3 player. but it is sort of almost to no brand.haha. but it is as good lar. at least something for me.
tv television
haha. just finish watching shao nian te gong dui on channel 56! quite farnie.. my laogong kena molested by chen xian mei( some taiwanese actress, acted in taiwan ah cheng before) .so sad. haha

ah seah at Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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Friday, October 29, 2004

hello! i got back my report book. i got 6th in class. i hope my mum can buy me somthing i like.haha
on monday i got a chinese o's .and im studied till B only. it is from A-Z. haha! good luck to me larh! merry christmas to me. quite early christmas this year
i saw wanquanyule today. mengzhe a.k.a jasongot himself into deep troubles!he hit a reporter until got some injuries. then he cried on tv. all 5566 members came out to support him. even xiaodao. oh my!i hope the reporter won't sue him. !let's all pray for jason. at least he knew he was in the wrong now. but i dun think he meant to hit the person. the person so irritating. for mroe information, please read http://tw.club.yahoo.com/clubs/Alieen. it is in traditional chinese. hope you all can understand.
Singapore Idol
oh my! christopher the handsome guy is OUT! haha! it's just too bad for him! actually i would rather LEANDRA to be out! i hate leandra. i hope she gets out next year. then it would be very safe for sylvester. THe sly one. haha. i was quite shocked that OLINDA got the lowest three. haha. she might not have much people to hate her. but she has less supporters, as haters cannot do anything to the results unless they vote continuouslyfor other 5,4,3,2,1 idols. haha.

ah seah at Friday, October 29, 2004

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Friday, October 22, 2004

hullo! im so happy! i pass all my subjects this time. but my L1R5 going to be the same. :( haha. i pass lit. i even got C5, but overall kena pulled down by mid yr and had C6!!! haha . i pass my SS! i got 35/50. but geog i failed. 24.5/50! oh my. half makr more. but combine is pass. 59.5 but mid yr pulled to 57.5 still C5.! my chinese! oh! haha c5. overall. i thought iwould fail my compo. wahah .but she still pass me! haha the saddest is chem lahrx!! actually hope the paper i could get A1. but got B3 instead. but mid yr pulled to A2. at least an A/ and i PASS my ENGLISH overall! oh my.! wahaha! not bad huh? so overall
EMATHS-87.5 A1
AMATHS-77.5 A1

so my L1R5 is english, ss/geog, amaths, emaths, physics, chem
so it is 6+5+1+1+4+2=19
so never change
my mid yr also same. haha
hope they take my chinese as L1. so i would have 18. one less. wahhahaha

ok. now talk about the chalet. after receiving all our papers, we found out that some of our parents had disallowed some of us going to the chalet. this had caused the chalet to have less people. and those who fail chem had to study for the retest on 10 nov. which means they couldnt go to the chalet. OH MAN! !!! hoW!!!..??? never mind .still got others. hopes that they all would be able to go and STAY! crosses finger**

ah seah at Friday, October 22, 2004

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

hullo. im very sad. i need 24.5/40 for orals and i can pass my english!. quite impossible. well. i tink it has already been a fact that i, seah mei ying, had failed the bloody subject. to me, it seems nothing as it had already been proven that i need to pass at least other 5 subjects for me to be promoted to sec 4. do you think it is possible? i had pass 3 subjects so far. PHYSICS, AMATHS, EMATHS. do u tink i can make it for 5? i got my chem, chinese, lit, ss/geog. i REALLY REALLY hope that i can pass at least 3 of them( which means chem, chinese , ss/geog) i really wish i could pass my chinese. it was quite terribly done. I HAVE 86 for emaths, which i think will be my highest mark this end of year,because other subjects really have no hope. next i have 79 for A MATHS. which i actually thought i can score better than i did. all because of careless mistakes. i really feel like killing myself for all those stupid mistakes i made (n(sq) - n)x3 i wrote as 3n(sq) - n! i really feel like killing myself. if that had been correct, i would have scored more. next is my physics. 66 not bad only. not considered good. at least i passed.
tomorrow will be the big day for me.if i passed at least 2 tomorrow. i have nothing to worry then. :( im going to die if i retain and i mean it

ah seah at Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i went to bowling today. spent $20 altogether! $1.50 per game. i played 3 games. plus $1 rental of shoes. plus one can drink $1.50.thus $7.00 at the bowling alley. then $0.50 for arcade. haha. dun wanna spent much. then we went to cineleisure to buy present for xiuting and wanching. we got a carpet for xiuting, six people sharing. and a cow thingthing and cookies from famousamos for her,5 people sharing costing me $4.95 altogether. we went KFC for lunch, shrooms burger meal at 5.haha then we went to take neo prints. costing me $1.60. then i bought teens magazine. thus everything is $7.00+$4.95+$2.95+$1.60+$3 =$20

ah seah at Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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